Mini Ob course


Need something for the little ones...this ob course has a little of everything & is
Great for elementary age kids!!
Jacobs Ladder


Who can get across first.....or at all?!?!
Do you think you can??

Great for fund raisers!!
American Gladiator Joust

Organize tournaments and competitions for kids in this inflatable interactive unit. They love to compete with each other and become champions.

Velcro Sticky Wall

Have kids get maximum fun from this inflatable Velcro wall. All the kids love Spiderman. Let them act like one.

Boxing Ring

 The kids will have so much fun that adults will be hard to keep themselves out of it. Organize inflatable tournaments and announce champions of boxing matches.

52' Ob Course

Great for any event!! Do you have an event with all ages, this is perfect for any age!!

3PC Ob Course

Do you have a REAL COMPETITIVE spirit?? This GIANT ob course is PERFECT for an event to show off your 
WINNING SIDE!! 80 ft of course!! 
Also great fundraiser!!
68' Ob Course

Need a teen activity for your next youth event?? Ob courses are perfect for teens!!


We deliver 7 days a week!!
Don't forget if you need power we rent generators also!!
$75.00 a day

with 1 tank of gas.
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Party Rentals
80 feet of course X's 2 people
Sports Equalizer Bungee Run

2 players compete in this exciting game. They can choose to play football or basketball. In football mode, players compete to velcro their paton onto the farthest yard line. In basketball mode, players compete to dunk their basketball in the hoop before their opponent.

The Ultimate Challenge Ob Course

2 players compete in this exciting game. 
40 feet of intense competition!! 
Just take off and try to race to the end first!!

ALL inflatables will come with blowers and 1 100' extension cord per blower. If your power is supply is further away than 100', a generator will be required!
Customer is responsible for a water hose from water supply to our water unit!! HPR does not supply water hoses!!